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DataService Class

Class for web service for the extraction of specific data produced by internal delivery mechanism to S.A.R.A. system.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  SARADataService
Assembly:  SARADataService (in SARADataService.dll) Version: (
public class DataService

The DataService type exposes the following members.

Public methodDataService
Initializes a new instance of the DataService class
Public methodCreateNewSession
Activate a work session, based on credentials. A user can have only one session at a time, that value has a validity of 24 hours.
Public methodGetAirports
Registry of airports.
Public methodGetMonitoringStations
Registry monitoring stations
Public methodGetPeriodicalAverageFourMonthlyLVA
Get averages four months of LVA
Public methodGetPeriodicalAverageMonthlyLVA
Recovery of the monthly averages of the LVA
Public methodGetPeriodicalAverageYearlyLVA
Get of annual averages of LVA
Public methodGetPeriodicalDailyEvents
Get daily event information
Public methodGetPeriodicalDailyWeather
Get daily weather information
Public methodGetPeriodicalMonthlyOperationFlight
Get flight operations
Public methodGetUpdatedAverageFourMonthlyLVA
Get of the middle of the quarter of LVA updated since the last request
Public methodGetUpdatedAverageMonthlyLVA
Get of the monthly averages of the LVA-date compared to the last request.
Public methodGetUpdatedAverageYearlyLVA
Get of the annual averages of the LVA-date compared to the last request
Public methodGetUpdatedMonthlyOperationFlight
Get flight operations to date since the last request
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